InspirationSL is here! And it’s the Cher-ry on top!

Yeah…that title is probably pretty bad…but I am so excited about this round of InspirationSL!  Who couldn’t love a whole event dedicated to Cher, the fashion maven of originality and sexual allure, the woman who put Bob Mackie on the fashion map, the woman who pushed the boundaries for all women’s right to be outrageous and still very powerful!  And she still stuns us with her wit, intelligence, and beauty.  What a fantastic  muse for the designers in InspirationSL’s event!

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I put together a very Cher look from the plethora of designers at the event, and I swear I could feel her spirit being channeled through me!  First is PinkRayne, with Cher hair and Play My Song pose.  The hair has a hud to change the color of the hair and even add highlights to it!  It sweeps over one shoulder and dangles down the chest, with an almost pompadour look – the big hair look that Cher rocked so well!  The pose is activated by wearing/adding the guitar – and that is a rocker chick look if I ever saw one!  Petit Chat contributed a stunning collar necklace, Believe, with a very tall choker edged in lace and an amulet dangling from the front.  It has a hud also, to change the color of the parts.  Banana Banshee gave us, again, some amazing mesh eyes – I adore their eyes because they look so awesome on my avi!  This time, the offering is called Lace – you can see the lacy effect on the eyes.  So gorgeous!   And I am a HUGE fan of nail polish, especially nail polish done well.  Exotic Fusion really stepped up – I love, love, LOVE the glittery nails with just one nail in plain nail polish – it really highlights the effect the other nails have!  Stelloane contributed a garter that at first look seems very simple – but once you play around with the hud options, you’ll see that simplicity is deceptive!  It’s sexy and so much fun to wear!  Lindy Modern and Retro shoes gave us Cher shoes, which comes in many colors and designs – even a snakeskin one!  I think these shoes are simply adorable – my new faves!  And to complete the look, Neomenia provided the bodysuit, Shary, and the Cher earrings.  The bodysuit is a swimsuit style one-arm look – I can’t even tell you how sexy you’ll feel in this bodysuit!  It has a hud for versatile looks and works with Maitreya and Slink bodies.  The earrings also have a hud and look so adorable, especially paired with the Petit Chat necklace!

InspirationSL can be found here: .   It runs until Dec. 1, which might lull you into a sense of complacency … but if you’re like me, time flies and I suddenly realize, ooops, time’s up!

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You can also check out the stores featured for other amazing and creative items:

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Petit Chat:  

Petit Chat slurl :
Petit chat blog :
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Petit Chat Facebook :

Banana Banshee:  


Exotic Fusion:








Group flickr:


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