It’s Hot! It’s Sexy! It’s Summer!!

I have some more fun and sexy fashion for you…but first, a fundraiser for a cause near and dear to my heart is going on, and my favorite nail fashion designer has created two amazing and gorgeous collections of nail art to help the cause!

Autism runs in my family, and although all of the people who have autism in my family are very high-functioning, there are still moments when I wonder if something could have helped to make their lives a little easier.  It hurts to see your child, niece or nephew, grandchild, etc. struggle to fit in, to understand, to comprehend.   When autism is even more severe, the effects on both the child and the parents are magnified even more.  That’s why I was thrilled to see Dark Passions Koffin Nails put out two gorgeous nail designs for the KT Creators Festival to benefit autism (July 14-30;!  Autism Awareness and Autism Awaremess II are the names of the two collections, and you will definitely want to own both of them!  Autism Awareness features the rainbow hearts design on different backgrounds, and Autism Awareness II is the ribbon and puzzle design.  Autism Awareness II even has two options on the hud to make the designs randomly appear on your nails – so each finger has a different design!  Please be sure to go to the event and help raise funds for autism research.

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And now, we have a really gorgeous and seasonally-apropos offering from Petit Chat!  This is the Ring and Strings flipflop sandals, and these sandals are gorgeous!  Hud-driven, so you can adjust the ring on your toe, the strings across your instep, and the sole!  Color combinations galore!  These sandals are for The Hidden Chapter, July 14-30 (  You really need these sandals to make your summertime outfits complete!

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SEXY does not even begin to describe this round of InspirationSL!  Betty Boop, the gal who gave us the memorable “Boop-boop-de-doop” tagline, is the inspiration for this round – and the fashions are soooooo HOT!

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First up is iRResistible’s …well, irresistible retro fashions you’ll just HAVE to own!  The sailor outfit, which comes with a plethora of color options, includes the corset, skirt, garter with bow, shoes, hat and gloves!  You’ll certainly sex up any nautical events you go to with this outfit!  iRResistible is also offering a retro bathing suit outfit in three different color combos – vichy, gradient, and cherry – complete with earrings, shoes, hat, glasses and bag!  You’ll be so fashionable at the beach!  And then, for the fun of it, iRResistible is also offering lobster pumps!  Just adorable!

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Spyralle is also offering Betty Bloomers, in red, black and blue – isn’t it just too cute?  Dots all over the bloomers and lace trim adds to the too-cuteness of this outfit.  Spyralle is also offering Bakelite bangles as a gift – Bakelite was a very popular plastic at the time and the first synthetic plastic created.  So not only gorgeous, but historically accurate!  You can get the Spyralle and iRResistible offerings at InspirationSL  (  Hurry – this may be a long-running event but it will eventually end…!

Happy Shopping!

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