In the good old summertime…

Oh I love summer … in a theoretical sense.  I mean, real summer is heat, humidity, bugs of all kinds, more heat, more humidity, more bugs … but I think you get the picture!  However, summer items and decor – Oh, I adore that!  Summer-themed fashion – even better!

So I am absolutely thrilled to present some summertime fashions and fun from some of my favorite designers!  I have nail polishes from Dark Passions Koffin Nails, some jewlery from Petit Chat, and some poses from Image Essentials!

What’s more, I am wearing an utterly fantastic outfit from MadPea, who is having a fabulous summer hunt; you can collect shells, which gets you points you can redeem for stunning unisex summertime prizes!  To find out more, go here:

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First, the GothNIC bento poses – and a more perfect collection of summertime poses I’ve not seen!  I especially love the crouching ones, as if one was looking for the perfect shell on the beach, or the perfect flower in the meadow.   This set of 5 poses plus mirrors is normally $300L for the set of 10 poses, but for the Designer Circle event, is discounted for $200L  Designer Circle runs from June 25 to July 8th:

and of course, if you want more fabulous poses, including Bento, you can go here:

SLURL:                 Marketplace –
Flickr –
Facebook –

Petit Chat, the next designer on the list, has a gorgeous, fantastic gatcha set, Sea Stuffs, which is perfect for summertime, beachtime fun!  Pearls, shells, and starfish are combined in many gorgeous ways, from chokers to flipflops and even decor!  Some of the items even have huds to change texture for even more matching-your-outfit fun!  Here is a poster showing the items; I’m also wearing the items in some of the pictures above:

_PC_ Sea stuffs gatcha poster

The gatcha has 3 Rares and 24 commons, and only costs 47L per pull!  It will be available at The project7 event, from June 30-July 20:

LM :

Website :

I also included a picture of Petit Chat’s gift at InspirationSL, a shell and starfish garland, so very summery and nautical:

LM –

Flickr –

Petit Chat slurl :
Petit chat blog :
Petit Chat Flikr group :
Petit Chat Facebook :

-The Project Se7en- Logo


The third designer is one of my total fave nail designers!  She does incredible artwork on each set of nails she puts out, and you’ll definitely see what I mean with the three sets she made for Mid Summer Enchantment, an event I also blog for.  It runs from June 21 – July 9:

SLURL: Enchantment - Event Poster 2017 v2.

I had already blogged about one of the sets, Roses are Forever, in this blog post:

but there’s two more sets to add to the marvelous mix!  Enchanted Masquerade is a gorgeous set of darker jewel tones with what looks like a lacy mask stretched across the center of the nail – very much like a Venetian mask in an elaborate rococo masquerade!  Ornate ombre has shadings of each color from light to dark and intricate filigree at either the bed or tip ends.  And you will get these amazing gorgeous  sets at the event price of 90L for Singles in Slink, Maitreya & Omega appliers; FatPack at 218L – all prices 25% off!  All additional Fatpacks at the event are 40% off as well!  You can see them here:

Dark Passions Facebook Page:
Dark Passions Flickr group:
Dark Passions Blog Page:

Hot fun in the summertime…!

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