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How Do I (NOT) Love Thee…


Oh let me count the ways:

I have lost a great-aunt, an aunt, both grandmothers, one of my grandfathers, countless friends, and a husband to this cruel, awful disease.  So, I am passionate about working for the American Cancer Society and Relay For Life.  Since RL involvement has become impossible for me to do, I choose to become involved in SL.  I can’t tell you how grateful I am for that ability!  And I have found a great group to be involved with, as their Medieval Faire is so much fun!  The Unmasking a Cure group has worked very hard to immerse people in a renfair experience…as the following pictures attest (and using a big dose of my imagination):

First, here I am, riding up to the jousting tournament, a maiden who has long wanted to watch her older brothers joust in the tournaments…oh, and of course their friends…wearing such a lovely outfit to frame her red hair and creamy complexion!  She is wearing The Seamstress’ Summer’s Garden and Tayren’s Fantasy Fashions Romantic Roses Hair Wreath, red-tipped.

Kitty Creations Emilia in Violet_001

Or…maybe I want to flip the script and be a maiden who has always wanted to defy convention and BE the knight on the horse, not just watching from the sidelines.  I picture that version of me in Kitty Creations’ Emilia in Violet, with the gorgeous tiara and necklace, the beaded accents…who could ever suspect she is plotting to somehow join the men and fight?

Hmmmm…maybe I can be a regal queen, watching from the royal box as the knights fight for honor and glory…is there perhaps one special knight out there who has captured her heart?  This incarnation of me dons G Slone Couture’s Blood Queen dress, with bold black-and-red accents, and Tayren’s Fantasy Fashions Hair Wreath, deep red.  Hmmmm…she does look distressed; did her favorite get knocked off his horse?

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Or…maybe I will be an alchemist, in her simple gown and sandals from Tayren’s Fantasy Fashions, with her potions and pouches strapped to her waist, borrowing a horse from the royal stables as she seeks her path to knowledge – and of course, riches! – in many esoteric places.   Wonder how far she’ll get when someone realizes she borrowed the prince’s favorite destrier?

However I choose to compose the story of my (medieval) life, I know that I will find the perfect settings, the perfect outfits, the perfect accessories for that story here at the Faire…and everything I’ve featured benefits the Society and RFL.

And that’s the best part of all.

For all the stories cut far too short from cancer…please come and help support UAC and the Medieval Faire raise funds to fight cancer, so the stories can continue for a long time to come.

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