Paper Lantern nails!

Yes, it’s true!  You can have Paper Lantern nails – when you use Dark Passions Koffin Nails!  An exclusive created for Genre, whose theme is Eastern Asia, these nails evoke the delicate and beautiful lanterns that hang all over buildings, especially at festival times!

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The image of paper lanterns seem to almost float on top of dual background colors varying between red, gold, green, pink and black.  A lovely way to keep the spirit of Asia with you!

If you want to have these nails for yourself, you’ll need to go to Genre:

(you can see the nails here:

and to get the other fantastic nails Koffin Nails makes:


Dark Passions Facebook Page:
Dark Passions Flickr group:
Dark Passions Blog Page:

Genre is only open June 15 – July 11, so hurry!

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