Ooooh, romantic and glossy hot nails!

Yes, how can you resist these gorgeous nails – and they even have such tempting names!  I mean, who couldn’t love Roses Are Forever (how I wish that were true in RL!) and Sun Fire Gloss?  You’d certainly make a statement anytime you wore these nails!

First, let’s be romantic…

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Roses Are Forever is a gorgeous merging of filigree lacy roses in various patterns on two different shades of red – bright red and deep red!  I suppose you could pick the color that matches your romantic interest…lol!  But even if you don’t have a romance at the moment, you can always find a good use for these dainty yet bold nail appliques!  The patterns are also available for your toes too – imagine these patterns peeking boldly from your summery sandals…!

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Sun Fire Gloss is just as its name implies – hot, shimmery, glossy colors that are perfect for summertime fun!  The nails come in shaded and unshaded colors in striking, bold colors that won’t fade into the background, in yellows, pinks, reds and oranges.  The sun may have just met its match as far as bright shine goes!

These items are exclusive to the Cosmetic Fair, Red-Hot Summer, which runs June 15 – 30:

and to get to the other hot, romantic, crazy-fun nails Koffin Nails sells:


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