Romping on the beach and Working That Middle

I love summer and beaches…something about the ocean’s currents and the warmth of the sun-baked sand makes me just want to build sandcastles and play in the surf!  So when I got the Sommer romper from Blossom and the Fergie shoes from S0H0E, I immediately thought, beach time!  I also decided to use the Kai set of Demen poses from Image Essentials.

The poses, which also come in mirror poses, were perfect for showing off the romper, which comes in about a dozen different color combinations via hud, and the shoes, which comes in dozens of potential color combinations, as the S0H0E shoe hud can change the heel, insole, decor and body of the shoe to any color on the hud you’d like to use.  Summer beachwear never looked so good!

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And of course, when summer comes, you might notice when you take off the bulky sweaters that your body has … well, changed a bit!  And just in time to rescue you and inspire you to lose those excess pounds – or just make you look darn good! – is this collaboration by Blossom and S0H0E, Work That Middle.  The shoes, from S0H0E, have hud tabs to change the body, laces, sole and metals; the outfit, from Blossom, has gloves, top, and shorts, all customizable  with the hud provided.  Gloves change color and design embroidered on them, shorts change color, and top changes color and a fishnet option for the fatpack.  I used the Sultry V2 poses from Image Essentials; with their flirty, sassy look, they seemed perfect for this outfit!  After all, how can you not feel powerful and confident with this outfit on?

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Image Essentials’ poses are available as follows:

Kai Demen poses @ Twe12ve event, April 12 – 30:

Sultry V2 poses @ Black Fashion Fair, April 7 – 21:

and the stores:

Image Essentials:

SLURL:                 Marketplace –
Flickr –
Facebook –







Le Fashion Whore and S0H0E shoes:





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