I’m Feeling So Zen :)

Of course, that’s because I have found nirvana in SL!  I have found THE best furniture and home furnishings store; it has gorgeously textured and designed items at ridiculously low prices!  I didn’t spend more than $200L for any of the individual sets I bought…and boy, did I buy a lot!

The store is Zen Creations, and I can’t stop gushing over their merchandise!  I have a ridiculously crowded inventory, but I will ALWAYS make space for this store’s items!  Seriously, if you are like me and not able to spend money like water, but you LOVE to shop…and by love, I mean retail therapy is your daily mantra…Zen Creations is for you!

Just look at this gorgeousness!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And yes, none of those sets were above $200L.  If you don’t believe me…

then go here 😀


Join their group also so you can get some blow-your-mind freebies – I don’t know how they can do this, but am I glad they do!

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