It’s Raining, It’s Pouring…

And gorgeous dresses are growing!

Well, not quite…I mean, roses do grow, just not ones on textures…oh, phooey on it!  Let’s just look at the yumminess I have for you today!

First, the dress I rather bungled introducing…it’s from Pathos, and oh is it gorgeous!  Iridescent black fabric with red satin ribbon around the waist and bodice, this sleeveless dress is absolutely stunning and so perfect for a lovely stroll through springtime flowering gardens, white and pink petals floating around you…and maybe the one you love. 🙂

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The next set of pictures, the items so went together, I made up a story about them!

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Well, that photography shot outside did not go so well, especially when the rain turned nasty and poured down in a deluge!  I am soaked because my umbrella from Petit Chat had lain forgotten on the ground next to me (and how idiotic is that???) and my boyfriend is NOT answering my cell phone call!  The house is locked and I forgot my keys…ah well, maybe I can squelch my way to the neighborhood cafe; thank goodness the rain stopped!  My poor umbrella – a perfect opportunity to put this lovely and quite useful object to work – and of course I fumbled it!

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Ahhh, coffee from heaven! was my first thought as I gave the barista my order and then took the coffee to my favorite chair.  The warmth really helped me, and I relaxed into a fantasy that my boyfriend would actually come and get me.  Instead, the owner, a friend of ours, asked me to please, please get my bike out of the back! and I remembered, oh yeah, my bike with the broken chain.  Oh yay.

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So…here I go, trudging through the woods between the cafe and our house, carrying this bike which seemed so light at the cafe…and halfway to home got so incredibly heavy!  I made it home, though, and stood in the driveway, keyless, tired, and realizing that I had left my bag and umbrella at the cafe.  I begin to think of all the nasty names I can call my boyfriend…

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But then, miracle of miracles, there he is…and he runs up and grabs me, “I just got done calling the cafe – I’ve been so worried!”  He pulls me close to him, and I feel so safe and warm.  It feels like Valentine’s and hearts and flowers … and when he volunteers to go get my bag and umbrella and then bring home dinner and the movie I’ve been dying to see, to make up for the day I’ve had, I know it feels like love.

How do you find all this fun-ness?




Image Essentials:

Depraved Nation presents Love Interruption
February 11 – 27, 2017 (the Sweet Valentine pose)

The Hipster Fair 2017
February 17, to March 3 (the bike, chair, cell phone, bag, camera)

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Petit Chat:

Lost & Found February round

Feb 22-28  2017  (the umbrella)

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