Romance and beauty in one blog!

And of course my blogees’ items are both romantic and beautiful!  Le Fashion Whore has an adorable February group gift and a new store, Pathos, has a gorgeous dress that will have you thinking of spring and warmer weather. 🙂

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First is this adorably sweet February group gift, a cute pink shirt with one of five adorable images or words to express the sentiments we usually feel when we’re in love…and I have to admit, even a committed non-Valentine’s believer as myself gets all gooey inside when I see the two teddy bears together!

And Pathos has given us a flowery, flowing sleeveless gown that just looks and feels like a spring day in a meadow – fresh, colorful and beautiful.  You can see how this dress would be perfect for a lovely dance with a special someone…maybe even in that meadow!  You just feel so beautiful, twirling around in this amazing gown:

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Where to get these lovelies:

Le Fashion Whore:





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