A Trip Down Memory Lane

Once upon a time, I went to another virtual world, InWorldz.  It turned out to not be my cup of tea, but I met some very amazing people, including MorgaineParis Parx.  She was the proprietor of MPP, My Pretty Pixels, and she had the most amazing fashion designs!  I fell in love with them.  I also got acquainted with Morgaine, and found out she was a truly warm and friendly person.  In fact, two of the few things I REALLY missed from InWorldz were her fashions and friendship…until I found out she was also in SL.  Shopping ensued!  When I applied for a blogger position for MPP, I renewed my friendship with her in SL as well.  And ohhhh, was I thrilled she was making mesh goodies!

Here are some of the yummy mesh goodies for you to take a peek at:

Hawaii dress

Alice hair, fades and regular

Sling-back shoes

Slink nails for fingers/toes

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And just to let you see the amazing choices you can get, here is a picture of the HUDs; each hud has many choices, such as the shoe hud, which offers both classic and fashion colors on all parts of the shoe:

MPP huds_001

Now can you see why I LOVE her stuff? It’s amaze-balls!

And if you want to find how to get these gorgeous items, here’s where you go:





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