Not the S-Word! Oh No!

Yes, the one word that struck fear into my heart every time summer’s end loomed near…


(One of the reasons I had such a hard time getting this blog done…although I could claim it’s always tomorrow somewhere!)

Of course, if my school was as fun as Image Essentials’ poses look, I might have sung a different tune!

With the help of my friend Coreig, I got to try out the IE Schoolies poses…which is amusing as neither he nor I are really all that scholarly…but anyhoo.

I am a bit more academically inclined than he is – which is why I love this pose, Lean, cause lord knows he would need MAJOR help from me!

schoolies lean

And yes, I do wonder why he likes me – maybe it’s because we’re more like siblings than friends…but I suspect it’s more he really likes being able to check out my …assets…with this pose, Stroll!

schoolies stroll_001

And of course, the flirting cuts both ways with this adorable pose, Whisper.  I wonder now, how on earth did any of us when we were teens get any studying done??  ‘Cause I gotta be honest, I remember desks in high school being that empty…and not a whole lot of studying being done!

schoolies whisper_001

Well, the trip down memory lane was fun, and Coreig did grumble less about these poses, so it was winner time all round!

Wanna know where to find them?

The Alchemy (until the 20th):

Image Essentials:

IE  Logo Black

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