Summertime Romance…with IE poses!

Yes, summertime romance deserves sets to commemorate that love…especially since it’s so fleeting!  Just like summer is…:(

So I asked (OK, bribed!) a friend, Coreig, to help me show off these amazing poses, from the offerings Image Essentials has at The Alchemy, which runs from the 1st to the 20th. ( if you want to know where to go!)

First pose is Girlfriend; of course Coreig had to tease me about how he was sacrificing sooooo much, holding me up…*sighs*.  But yeah, he had it soooo tough – pffft!  As if – you can tell in that photo he was enjoying it!

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Hmmm…well, you can’t see his face…and after I punished him for his snarkiness by holding me through a bunch of windlight changes..well, anyway, you can see how this pose is a very romantic one perfect for those moments of cuddling with a loved one, or for those wrenching emotional summer-romance-breakup-scene pics…

Weeeeel anyway…want something a bit less…strenuous for your guy?  This couples pose is perfect then!  And I did let Coreig sit…but he had to sit on a rock, hahaha!  But hey, he enjoyed sitting with me on his lap.  Least, that’s what I told him he did! ;D

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Played around a bit with windlight settings here too.  🙂  And yes, he had to sit on the rock the WHOLE time! XD

Tomorrow, I’ll show you what follows summer romance…SCHOOL…(cue “Jaws” music…!).

Want to know what other awesomeness IE has?

Image Essentials:

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