Fashion and Fun Right At Your Fingertips… ;)

Being a bit cheeky in that title, because I am blogging one of the hottest nail designers on the grid – and they are at Fashion For Life!!

Koffin Nails (love the pun!), a division of Dark Passions, has offered two truly gorgeous and fun nail sets – both toenails and fingernails – for your enjoyment!  I remember, when I was going through modeling class, one of my instructors telling me, “Never EVER go out without a hairbase and nails!”  And yay, now I have fun polish to put on my nails!

The first set is Tribute, a homage to David Bowie – and the fact that they are on the David Bowie sim (Sim 5 – David Bowie tribute: is SO fitting!  The eye-and-lightning-bolt design is instantly familiar to Bowie fans, and it comes in a bunch of delicious colors – just look at some of the examples:

The other lovely design is a lace-and-ribbon pattern; the ribbon should look familiar, as it is often used in all kinds of campaigns, but the pink and purple ribbons around this time of year just shout “Cancer Research!”  And of course you will want to wear this design year-round; isn’t it adorable???  And it comes in a LOT of color combinations that will make your toes wiggle with delight and your fingers waggle with pride!  Here is the simply fab Winged Hope from Koffin Nails:

Okay, I am simply SQUEEEEEEEEEEing with delight – one of my favorite jewelry designers is part of FFL AND I just got a couple boxes with some amazing jewelry!!!  Glint makes the jewelry that rocks my world, and this jewelry will rock your world too!  It just might even make you squee too!

First is the Choices set, consisting of earrings, necklace, bracelet and earrings, all of whom have a script to change the stone and metal and to also resize the pieces.  Gorgeous, delicate yet a standout with any outfit!

Time to Heal necklace and Hope watch are two more entries; the necklace is unisex and the watch comes in both male and female versions.  Perfect for those who always like to know the time!  So beautiful as well as practical!

Gatcha - Zodiac charm necklace_001

And at the gatcha area, Glint has these gorgeously funky and cool Zodiac Charm necklaces – isn’t it toooo cool?  Nice and casual, or dressy cool, either way, it’s a great addition to your wardrobe!

Glint is in Sim 8 (Sim 8 – Bladerunner:

Only 5 days left, so hurry!!!

FFL logo



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