More Fashions For Life: Can You Handle It???

I have to say, this has been an emotional time for me.  I haven’t cried – or laughed – or felt so full of joy and awe as I have these last few days leading up to Fashions For Life (FFL).  It has been a roller-coaster ride of emotions, but I am overall grateful that so many talented and dedicated people have given of their time and talents to make this event happen.

And when you see the fashions I’m blogging today, you will see why I feel that way!

First up, from Bliensen + MaiTai, are some of the cutest pumps, namely  Ne me quitte pas pumps, in some of the hottest colors of the season, such as amethyst and creme, and for mesh feet as well; a chic veil-and-flowers confection called Orchidea, and a lovely delicate Trinity necklace…just stunning!

Alaskametro has also entered some gorgeous items, including a couple items in one of my favorite categories, makeup!  We have “Extreme Wing II” eyeshadow in colors like copper and red, and “Nadia” lipstick in sexy nude hues of frost and clove, among others…and then to make it all sweeter, there’s one of my favorite types of skirts as well!  The “Joan” pencil skirt is so clingy and sexy!  And it comes in a half-dozen or so colors such as bronze and midnight!

Ever An’ Angel certainly lives up to its name, as its fashions are heavenly!  And these three dresses will make you feel and look quite heavenly too!  There is Morning Song – Hope, with those sexy 3/4 gloves and embroidered embellishments to enhance this sophisticated look, No Hesitation – Fraise, a gorgeously enticing sleeveless embroidered silk dress that ensures you’ll be so confident, and Hemp Top and Skirt – Suage, a cropped top and hip hugger hemp fiber skirt that is perfect for casual fun yet dressy enough for dancing the night away!  All of these fashions can be worn by either classic or mesh avis.  Too divine!

Emerald Couture has the most amazing complete outfits – from head to toe, this designer wants you to never have to worry about, “Do these shoes match this outfit?  Are the earrings too much?” and other such concerns!  Just go to the folder, put the outfit on, and GO!  Each and every one of these fashions comes with at least a top and bottom (jeans, skirt) or dress and shoes.  Some even have earrings and necklace for you!  All of these fashions can as well be worn by either classic or mesh avis.  There is Chickadee, in purple, Firefly Party in Teal, Just Jen with a teal-and-pink top and jeans, and last but not least Rock the Bunny in a dark teal and pink sweater with shiny light teal and pink tights.  Simply gorgeous!

The final designer for today is G Sloane, with four dresses that will make you feel so feminine and capable of handling any situation life throws at you, from a picnic for two to dancing the night away!  Two of the outfits, GSC Klimt Collection (shown in yellow) and Tenderness (in creme), include texture-changing huds, and all four of them, which includes GSC Hope (purple) and Periphery (floral), are for either classic or mesh bodies as well.  These dresses just make you feel so happy and alive!

And again, people, please make sure you check out the guidebook; here’s the link:  .  If you miss this event, you will truly be missing out on fabulous fashions for a truly deserving cause.  Let’s fight cancer and look fabulous at the same time!

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