Romance and Fashion…it’s Valentine’s Day!

I must put in this disclaimer first – I am not a fan of Valentine’s day.  It has always seemed, to me, to be a holiday designed to make card-makers, florists and chocolatiers richer and those of us not in relationships envious and sad.  I disliked it even when I was in a relationship!  I’m personally of the opinion that you don’t need a special day to tell those you love that you love them…am I right??

But then I tried on the Vivica dress in red…and I thought, this dress certainly needs its own special day!  Tulle, satin, and metallic sheen fabric combines to create a dress that needs to be seen, admired, celebrated! (It also comes in other colors too)

So I went sim-hopping to find sims with the Valentine spirit.  I found two sims that simply screamed Valentines! and explored them with the dress on, to try and get me more into a Valentine mood.

The first sim was Valentine’s Day Village, a sim that is mainly for selling Valentine items but that does have some enchanting nooks and crannies.  So I decided to use them to show off how this dress can carry you through even such a tradition-rich evening as Valentine’s!


Even against all the other red items, this dress just stands out!


Not that I’m vain or anything, because it is all the Vivica dress – but don’t I look good?


And in a field of hearts, this dress RULED!


Getting ready to take a carriage ride – notice how this dress drapes gorgeously and shimmers in the light so beautifully!


Relaxing on a swing – I just love how this skirt hugs my curves and the bodice plays peek-a-boo!


Just lovely…if I do say so myself!  Vivica is perfect for a romantic night out!


Paired with the Vivica heels in silver-gray, the outfit makes a powerful statement – and that statement is, “I am ready for anything!  I am classy, lovely, and perfect from head to toe!”


I then went to 2016 Valentine Town, where I saw a HUGE Cupid…had to leave quickly, though, because frankly getting shot by that arrow could be fatal!


Hmmmm, wonder what these suckers say?  As if anyone could look at them with Vivica in their sights!


Oh, of course…lol!


Even with these brightly colored lollipops, my outfit stands out!


And since I am a kid who never quite grew up, I had to try the floating gumballs!  Yet Vivica manages to look awesome – I love outfits like this!


Oooh, pretty rainbow water!


Roses, hearts – and me in a fabulous dress!


On a chocolate heart…in a river of chocolate…and omg do I look great in this dress!


Vivica – for the woman who wants to shine no matter where her evening takes her!

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