Fashion and Good Deeds

Models may seem like, and have been stereotyped as, airheaded, brainless stick figures that are obsessed with fashion and staying thin – and nothing else.

However, I have been in modeling long enough, and have known enough models, to know that it is just that – a stereotype.  Models have often contributed to, and organized, charity events to help others who are in need.  Models actually do care about others, since they are human beings.  Go figure!

Anyway, I found a wonderful sim which houses many non-profit organizations that are trying to make the world a better place – and what better place to explore in JK Styles’ Gwyni, a gorgeous dress with bangle bracelets and hoop earrings in silver to accompany the dress!  Alot Nonprofit Commons, the sim, is just full of organizations advocating everything from helping children who have experienced violence, to Boomer Esaison’s organization for Cystic Fibrosis, to the Kiva charity advocating microloans for small businesses in developing countries, to Volunteering in Kenya.

I love exploring places like this and seeing how people try to improve their little corner of the world…and how when all those corners come together, the improvement just keeps growing and growing!  But let me tell you, an entire sim is a lot to explore!  So the comfy silky dress (I chose to pick purple as the color for the dress, but the dress comes with a handy-dandy HUD to choose another color) was so comfortable to explore in!  The flared skirt and bare midriff provided plenty of cooling relief, so exploring didn’t leave me a sweaty, sticky mess.


I started out here at the One Billion Rising building, an organization dedicated to ending violence against women.  I participated in a dance for the charity; it’s how I discovered this sim.


I know a lot of people affected by diabetes so this display was especially meaningful to me.


I loved this little nook – even though I didn’t have a book to read, lol! – but it was just so cute, with the snow falling outside!  And my dress let me just relax into the cushions…mmmmmmmm!  cozy!


I have a special place in my heart for this organization as well – I have supported it and its mission of empowering women, especially in third-world countries where opportunities are not always available, to start businesses and be self-sufficient.


And let no one say models aren’t health-conscious!  And I was looking good while doing it, the silver of the bangles and earrings playing nicely off the deep purple of my dress.


Such cute kiosks, with information on all kinds of organizations, and the most wonderful freebies – yes, I can’t resist freebies and gatchas!  I was having a ball grabbing all the free stuff I could (and of course info about the organizations too…!)


And they had a dance area!  WOOOT!  I love love love dancing!  And notice that this place had wheelchair-friendly dances!  Truly thoughtful.


But after all that walking around, I had to rest my poor feet and drink a cup of lovely hot coffee…


…and then got quite a laugh out of the posters on the walls – this was an organization that helps other organizations reach out to people.


And since I am a closet nerd – or maybe not-so-closet, lol! – I had to check out the library.  It was full of incredible information!  I could have stayed in there for hours.


When I saw Pathfinder Linden’s bear on the couch, I just HAD to sit by him.


He really didn’t say much, though. 😦  But at least I looked awesome in my Gwyni dress!  Hmmm, maybe I looked so good, he lost the power of speech? 😉


This was probably one of the most beautiful and yet saddest places at the sim – a lovely memorial garden for people who are missing.  It really made me pause and think of how horrible that would be for a person’s loved ones, to not know what has happened to them.

I had quite a time at the sim – at turns laughing, others crying or getting angry, but overall I felt so much hope for a future with people such as these in it.

If you’d like to own this gorgeous outfit, you can find it in-world:

or on Marketplace:

When you think of fashion, think JK Styles!

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