More Adventures with Fashion…

I love how oddly my days manage to go…for example, today!

At first, I thought I would just lounge around my house, playing with my cat babies I got for free from Firestorm (and they don’t breed or eat, either!), in a comfy knit sleeveless split-hem tunic and skinny jeans from JK Styles; the outfit is named Angee.  You can see how much fun we had below:


Of course, my day just had to take a left turn, after a friend of mine invited me to check out a sim with bike roads and the ability to rezz without joining a group.  SQUEEEE!  (And yes, I do ride a bike, and yes, I do squee at times.)    Oh what fun!  And of course I look awesome in my outfit, with that split showing off my terrific abs *grins*


I like to look all tough and bad on my bike…Angee sure helped with that!  The jeans just molded themselves to my legs and the knit fabric of the tunic stretched with all my curves.  Perfect for motoring fun!


“Get your motor running…head out on the highway”…!


I paused to take in the sunset, and I did so comfortably in the stretchy pants and flowing tunic; the tunic also has a hud to help you find the color to complete your look.


Oh dear…I got so comfy in my Angee outfit that I sort of sank to the ground and stayed a LOT longer than I thought I would…the fog was rolling in!

Fortunately, a modeling friend, Lady Falina Katze-Elmer, sent out a notice about an amazing event, Autism Speaks Charity, at this location:  Since I am an inveterate shopper, and there were dozens of stores there donating at least 50% of their profits to autism charity. I thought:  Win-Win!!!


Oh did I also mention how much I love to dither?  There’s just so much lovely shinies there that I would love to add to my Angee outfit…who can decide?


I really did need to make some decisions, since I’m sure standing there forever would be frowned upon.  And getting thrown out of the event would possibly get my clothes dirty!  It would be a crime to muss up this outfit!


More decisions…


and more decisions…

(but wow, do I look good in Angee while deciding!)

GATCHAS!!!!  Yes, they always manage to get me…!


But eventually, I had to go, my wallet a little lighter but my heart a great deal warmer for having helped out for such a good cause.  In fact, I felt so good, I decided to go dancing at one of my favorite spots, Barnacle Bill’s!


And Angee, of course, was flawless, and I had a great time feeling sexy in my outfit.

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