Fashion Is Fun – My Recent Adventure

I just love how much fun fashion can be!  I think that fashion should fit into your life, so if you are active, fashion should work with that.  Fashions that break or show some…um…well, embarrassing stuff when you are dancing just won’t work!  That’s why I am so glad to have discovered JK Style!

I decided to try out this totally cute outfit, Cherie, that includes a dress, shoes, necklace and earrings.  I LOVE total packages like this – it makes getting dressed for a date so easy!  I decided to take this one for a spin with my guy and see how this outfit would work.  Of course, since my guy and I like to explore, it was a decidedly different date…


Here we are, dancing at our favorite spot – and not a break nor a stab in sight!  I love how the dress just flows with me and keeps me looking totally hot and sexy!  (Not that I’m vain or anything…!)


And another view, showing this amazing outfit in action!


Yes, this dress flatters in any position!

But then the date went a bit weird…kind of like me…


Here I am, waiting for my guy to rezz a bus.  Yes, you read that correctly.  He was testing some repairs he was making to the bus so it would be a smoother ride.  (I get into these situations a lot).


Of course, with this dress, I couldn’t look better!  Cherie is an outfit that is so classy and yet sensual, you are completely prepared for any contingency – including a bus ride….


I tried not to sit too much on the seats…and wondered where my guy found this bus…but I still looked awesome in Cherie!  Look at those wrapped ankles on the shoes!  Shiny leather always makes me drool; what can I say?


A bus to nowhere…that so figures!


We ended up in this interesting place with greeter bots that just zooooom right up to you – a pretty disconcerting experience, but if I broke out in a sweat, my gorgeous jersey knit dress didn’t show it!  (I think the sexy vent at the hem helped, lol).

And the earrings were such a perfect touch – gold hoops and dangles that sway so nicely when your head moves.  It’s the final touch to an outfit that will take you from the dance floor to wherever your adventurous soul takes you! Snapshot_084

There is also a lovely necklace – I didn’t wear it that night as my guy wanted me to wear a necklace he got me, but here it is below:

Rhia's haedshot_002


And I wore this with my Belleza Venus body, so it does work with mesh bodies as well!

Cherie … a great name for a truly amazing outfit!  It will become a cherished addition to your wardrobe!

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